Sunday, September 24, 2006

i turned 26 the other day.
i am not dead.
premenition did not come true.

tim get 100 bucks.

so if you are reading this send me your address and i will mail you the money, hopefully soon

to the rest of you

i love you all


Saturday, August 26, 2006

ghost albert

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

not dead, just forgotten

i have decided to not kill the blog, but to abandon it. i will, however, start a flickr site. i figure i have been posting more pics than words and i never know what to write anyway, plus my grammar sucks.
anways i will from time to time use the blog but for the most part i want to focus on the flickr site. so please check it out

love derek


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

death or derekvsgojira

i think its time for the blog to die. really, i havent done much on it but talk about getting drunk. and yes while there are some nice pictures on, they are on too infrequent.

anyways, i donno, i am gonna take a week and make my decision, any input would help.

love derek

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hogan Shelby Meyers - Urban Sasquatch Hunter

richie's carleton film
(its a long one, so please be patient while it loads)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

waterfall #4 Posted by Picasa
the easy part of the decent Posted by Picasa
my tabi Posted by Picasa
wasabi used to grown on thise wall Posted by Picasa
hiroki looking for wasabi Posted by Picasa
crazy tree at the summit Posted by Picasa
the summit Posted by Picasa
hiroki at the summit Posted by Picasa
tabi! all the old people made fun of us when we walked up the mountian wearig these traditional shoes Posted by Picasa
all these old people hiked up the mountian just to see these flowers. Posted by Picasa
hiroki Posted by Picasa
waterfall #2 Posted by Picasa
steep stone steps Posted by Picasa
waterfall #1 Posted by Picasa
auds and billy Posted by Picasa
the ECC staff Posted by Picasa
shinchan dont fuck with his culinary skillz Posted by Picasa
tom magee. beat boxer extradionairre. Posted by Picasa
outside nagoya station Posted by Picasa
sakura up close Posted by Picasa
sakura in nagoya Posted by Picasa

goooooooolden week.

its golden week this week, so i get a week off. its a sweet thing but so far all i have been doing is sleeping in until noon. though i did a 4 hour hike up and down a mountian. i really like hiking but i hate camping, and this is the reason that i decided not to go to aso festival. (for those that dont know its a big festival on mount aso, usually comprised of hippies and what not, ah well next year) so yeha this is my week to be lazy and maybe do some shopping? i donno any suggestions would help.
other than that a few odd thing have been happening.
1. i need to renew my passport, but the problem is that i diddnt bring my birth certificate, the is something that you really need, so basically i have to get a temporary one year one until i get home and then look for the damn thing.
2. got a hair cut but while the hair dresser was cutting my hair she noticed that i have some "patches" on the back of my head! i think this is due to my scratching the exema on there. so i am literally scraching myself bald
3. i dont think i am gonna go to india. dan parker cancelled on me and the reasons that he cancelled are understandable, also i really dont want to go to india by myself, but indonesia sounds pretty good and its a lot closer than india and hence cheaper.

thats pretty much it, for now. i realize that i am bad at writing things on this blog so i think i am just gonna put more photos on this thing